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Macau - Soccer field installed 2000 by Riverina Sporting Services Pty Ltd for Grass Manufacturers Pty Ltd

Riverina Builds Soccer
Football is the world game and its increasing popularity means that there is more pressure on parks and fields from increased hours of play. Riverina Sporting Services can supply and install a range of field shockpad and turf combinations to provide:
  • Multisports sand filled fields
  • Low Slide Resistance fields
  • Long pile rubber infill combinations

We can install a range of porous base designs to suit your site and all our construction is done in accordance engineers specifications.

Only Riverina Sporting Services can build your complete package in house including:

  • Baseworks
  • Drainage
  • Civil works
  • Lighting
  • Fencing
  • Synthetic Turf Systems

Please call us today for a complete design and construction package.




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